Forest Use

Our Forestry attorneys see both the forest and the trees. We have experience representing purchasers and sellers in the acquisition, divestiture, taxation, and financing of timber tracks. Our experience also includes post-acquisition legal services such as succession planning, cutting rights, leasing, boundary line disputes, ownership interest rights, and appraisals.

We regularly represent owners, buyers, hunting clubs, forest products companies, investors, insurance companies, banks, trust funds, controlled burn managers, timber managers, foresters, timber brokers, timber haulers, timber harvesters, and timber consultants. We are also known for our insurance defense work in this industry.


  • Our forest use strengths include a variety of experiences:
  • Forest Tract Acquisition
  • Forest Track Divestiture
  • Timber Track Taxation
  • Timber Track Financing
  • Leasing of oil and gas rights
  • Ownership interest rights
  • Waiver of cutting rights
  • Succession planning
  • Forest tract leasing
  • Boundary line disputes
  • Timber track appraisals



Before the first cry of “Timber” is heard, make sure you are well represented by attorneys experienced in the practice of forest use law to keep you looking sharp. With the multitude and variety of matters Johnstone Adams attorneys have handled in this area, we can quickly anticipate the correct response for your needs and issues. Let us cut through the undergrowth for you and assist in blazing the right trail to reach your forest use goals.


  • Represented a landowner, forester, and hunting club in a controlled burning case where smoke from a fire allegedly crossed a road; received judgment for the defendants.
  • Represented a forester in controlled burning litigation; the case settled for half of the amount of the offer of judgment prior to trial.
  • Represented a landowner, management company, hunting club, and the hunting club president in an ongoing personal injury matter regarding allegations that a hazard was placed across Big Escambia Creek and subsequently struck by the operator of an airboat.
  • Represented a paper mill landowner and insured hunting club member in an accidental shooting case; the claims were favorably settled prior to trial.
  • Represented an insured timber company in a personal injury matter where a logging crew cut a tree down that fell across the highway, striking a vehicle traveling along the highway; the claims were favorably settled prior to trial.
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