Associate Benefits

At Johnstone Adams each associate is hired with a view to prospective partnership. The firm expends considerable energy in training the associate through in-house programs and paid attendance at seminars across the United States. The goal is to make the associate the best attorney that he or she can become. This commitment to training ensures not only quality associates, but quality partners.

The annual goal of billable hours for each associate is reasonable. An associate will be considered for partnership after six calendar years if he or she has met these goals during this period, has exhibited the responsibility, maturity and willingness to contribute to partnership activities, and has demonstrated congeniality with and earned the respect of the partners. The standard for partnership at Johnstone Adams is very high, and those selected consider it a great honor.

Associates are expected to attend all sessions of the associate training program conducted by the firm or to review videotape recordings of the sessions in the event of a conflict. Membership in professional organizations is encouraged and membership fees are paid by the firm. In addition, all costs of attendance at seminars and conventions for compliance with continuing legal education requirements are reimbursed by the firm.

The benefits paid to associates by Johnstone Adams are competitive with, or greater than, those offered by comparable firms throughout the region. Because these benefits change from year to year, the representatives of the firm interviewing prospective candidates are best able to explain the entire benefits package.

Clerkship Program

Johnstone Adams’ clerkship program allows the firm to meet and evaluate law students for associate positions. The firm looks for the same credentials in its clerks that it requires in its associates: superior academic credentials, maturity, character, and a pleasant disposition. The clerkship program is designed to allow the clerk to evaluate Johnstone Adams as well as to permit the members of the firm to evaluate the performance and personality of the clerk. Not only will the clerk perform complex legal research, but he or she will also attend outside activities including depositions, trials, closings, and client or witness interviews. To ensure that a clerk obtains this broad clerkship experience and that any questions are answered promptly, an attorney is named for each clerk to serve as “mentor” during the summer.

Each clerk will also attend sessions of a training program throughout the summer months which will feature various speakers. A formal evaluation process for the work done by each clerk will be conducted. Weekly luncheons are also planned with individual partners to ensure that each clerk becomes better acquainted with the practice of each partner.

The summer will not be devoted entirely to learning about Johnstone Adams at the office. The social calendar regularly includes dinner parties, outings on Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Though Johnstone Adams has found it is more beneficial to the firm and to the clerk to evaluate each other over the entire summer, the firm is prepared to offer clerkship for only one-half summer under some circumstances.

The benefits paid to summer clerks by Johnstone Adams are competitive with, or greater than those offered by comparable firms throughout the region. Because these benefits change from year to year, the representatives of the firm interviewing prospective candidates are best able to explain the entire benefits package.


Any inquiry concerning the summer clerkship program or employment as an associate at Johnstone Adams should be directed to: P.O. Box 1988, Mobile, Alabama 36633-1988.

What Our Clients are Saying

Angela R.

“Johnstone Adams was a great help when it came to drawing up our family’s will and advanced directives prior to the birth of our first son. These are certainly things that no one wants to think about, but the process was easy. They were professional and knowledgeable, answering all of our questions along the way with compassion and sensitivity. Johnstone Adams responded quickly to any questions and was easy to get in touch with! We would highly recommend them for any legal work!!”

Stu Cookson

“My wife and I approached Johnstone Adams to help us make a better informed decision regarding her immigration. They have been a truly invaluable asset. They brought their knowledge, experience, confidence, and calm demeanor to the process, which put our minds at ease. The worry and anxiety that we were facing melted away, and we have been, literally, hand-held during this daunting process. We can’t thank or recommend Johnstone Adams enough and look forward to continuing to use their services in the future.”


Andre Kistner

“I am currently using this law firm and they are informative, keeping me up to date with my case, and they return your calls/emails immediately. I am very satisfied.”

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