10 Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Business Attorney

When you start a business, you might have a checklist that includes finding a space, hiring a staff, advertising your company, getting payroll and accounting figured out, and an endless list of items. One thing you might overlook is hiring a business attorney. While this might not seem like an immediate urgent need, it’s an essential step to running a successful business.


Some reasons you need a business attorney include:


1.    Make Informed Decisions: You will encounter countless issues daily that may have legal implications for your business. You need a business attorney you can rely on to provide you with the information you need to make a decision that’s best for you and your business. 

2.    Help with Partnerships: If you have partners at your company, it’s essential to have legal documents, agreements, and procedures in place to protect your business and your interests. If this partnership ever ends, you need to know you have an attorney available who can help review your options. 

3.    Protect Your Assets: It’s crucial to keep your business interests separate from your interests. You need an experienced business attorney who can help you determine the liability you face and file the right paperwork to protect your interests. 

4.    Create Contracts: When running a business – especially if you’re just starting – you will likely form numerous contracts with different companies to get work done, and get needed services and even products. You will also have employment contracts with your staff and potentially a lease agreement for your workspace. It’s essential to ensure you understand the contract you are signing and make sure your interests are properly represented in the agreement. If you need to negotiate the terms, a business attorney can help work with all parties to get the terms of the contract correct. 

5.    Acquire or Sell a Business: If you are interested in buying a new business – or opt to sell your current company – you need a business attorney to help you with the purchase or sale, draft agreements, transfer licenses, and provide other legal advice to help you throughout the process. 

6.    Get Necessary Licenses: When operating a business, there may be certain licenses or permits that you need to acquire to keep your company compliant. A business attorney will help you determine what licenses you need.

7.    Handle Taxes: Operating a business requires a lot of tax requirements. You do not want to guess and roll the dice that you are compliant with IRS mandates. It’s essential to hire a business attorney who will review your payroll tax setup, answer your questions, and bring in tax experts as needed to ensure you are compliant. 

8.    Intellectual Property: If your business designs or creates products, it’s crucial to ensure you have a business attorney on your side to help you protect your intellectual property from competitors, former employees, or others who might have access to your designs.

9.    Employment Policies: Hiring, firing, and retaining employees requires a lot of paperwork and processes that need to be followed to avoid potential lawsuits and fines. A business attorney can help protect you against potential discrimination claims, misclassifications of contractors and full-time employees, wrongful termination, and other issues. 

10. Real Estate Agreements: You also need a business attorney to help you review rental agreements and purchase agreements for the space you are using for your office or workspace. 


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