3 Reasons Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney for Your New Build

Purchasing property and growing your business with a new commercial build is a massive undertaking. There are countless moving parts throughout this process, and you need a real estate attorney to handle the many details while you focus on making your vision come true for your company.

Johnstone Adams handles real estate transactions on a weekly basis. We’ve helped buyers and sellers of multi-million-dollar properties and can help you through zoning challenges and work with the city council to ensure any issues that arise are dealt with swiftly and don’t interfere with the timeline of your new build. We routinely assist clients in developing and constructing shopping centers, office buildings, and apartments and understand how to keep the ball moving toward your goals.

Some of the reasons you need a real estate attorney throughout construction include:

1. We can save you time.

As a business owner, you have limited free time to make sure all T’s and I’s are crossed and dotted. A real estate attorney can safeguard your interests. WE will do our due diligence to make sure contractual obligations are followed and ask the right questions to avoid costly manufacturing mishaps so that you can focus on your company.

Our attorneys will make sure all contracts are clear and straightforward for both parties. If any of these contracts are breached due to delays or failure to deliver, we can handle the dispute and make sure we reach a beneficial outcome for you.

If any wetland, water run-off, or environmental protection problems come up, we can handle these issues on your behalf to save you time. We can protect you from issues by negotiating procedures to follow if a deal falls through or hidden structural or environmental problems arise.

Our goal is to keep your new build on target for completion.

2. We make sure all deals are legitimate, and pricing is within range.

Our attorneys will ensure the price for the land and services involved in building your new complex is legitimate and make sure you won’t be saddled with more taxes or payments than necessary. We check for any liens or concerns with the property on which you’re building and protect you from construction defects. All aspects of your contracts are up for negotiations when you construct a new place of business. Unlike your realtor, we’re not making a commission on the purchase of the property. We will make sure the prices involved, and the contracts are legitimate.

3. We can help you navigate zoning laws.

Zoning laws can be a cumbersome part of the building process. Our real estate attorneys in Mobile understand the zoning laws throughout the region, and we have worked with the city council and zoning commission to enact zoning changes for many of our clients. We can go through the development options for your property and ensure zoning challenges won’t create unexpected challenges.

Other Benefits of a Real Estate Attorney

Outside of helping you through the building process, our real estate attorneys can help you with new construction agreements that ensure your rights should you decide to sell. We can help you through lease agreements with any persons or businesses you plan to have as tenants in your new facility. Should a government entity try to claim eminent domain on your commercial property, we can be an invaluable asset to ensure your interests.

In the event of commercial lease disputes should you have tenants in your new build, we can make sure your rights are preserved and either negotiate terms or pursue litigation.

Contact Johnstone Adams in Mobile About Your New Build

If you’re considering building a new property or have already started the process, Johnstone Adams can help streamline the legal aspects to help you move forward with your vision for the future of your business.

Contact our skilled and experienced team of lawyers in Mobile, Alabama, today at (844) 682-7682 or by using our convenient online form.

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