5 Ways An Immigration Lawyer Can Help You Speed the Process Up to 8 Weeks

An immigration lawyer is necessary when applying for U.S. citizenship and finding a path to remain in the country. It can be a long and complicated process. Going through this alone can be long and risky – especially if you make a mistake in filing paperwork or providing necessary documentation.

Hiring an immigration lawyer can help you find a more direct path to citizenship, and help you do it more quickly than if you were navigating the process on your own. Some ways they can assist you include:

1. Filing the Correct Paperwork

Paperwork is a large part of the citizenship and visa process. Whether you are trying to stay in the U.S., or help a loved one remain in the country, it’s essential to fill out and submit the correct documentation, with accurate information. Failing to do this can not only prolong the process but can also hurt your application. Experienced immigration attorneys know the ins and outs of what paperwork is required, the deadlines to submit, and what information you will need to provide.

2. Advising on the Process

An immigration lawyer can help you successfully obtain what you’re looking for. Whether you want a work permit, the ability to keep your loved one in the country, or permanent citizenship, an attorney knows what steps you need to take to make this possible. Failure to take the right steps, contact the right people, and submit the right documents can result in your application being denied.

3. Using their Experience

One of the largest advantages of hiring an immigration lawyer is the experience they will bring to your case. While this might be your first time going through the immigration process, an attorney has gone through this numerous times and has navigated through various obstacles. They can use the knowledge they gained from previous cases to help you. An attorney may also have contacts to reach out to for help.

4. Presenting all of Your Options

When filing an immigration application on your own, you might not be aware of all of your options. This is where hiring an immigration lawyer can be beneficial. An attorney may be able to present other options to you or help you understand the reality of your situation and the odds of you being successful in your endeavor. Knowing this can help you better set your expectations.

5. Helping You Achieve Your Ultimate Goal

An immigration lawyer can help you obtain your current goal, and also help you work towards your long-term needs – including permanent citizenship. Knowing your end goal will help an attorney take the right steps from the beginning to strengthen your case to become an American. He or she can also set expectations for the outcome and timeline to ensure you are aware of what’s ahead. In addition, they can expand their guidance to help you strengthen your case for citizenship.

Why Hire Us As Your Immigration Lawyer

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