Cliff Notes By: Celia J. Collins Effective Date 4/2/2020 (expires 12/31/2020) EMERGENCY FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE EXPANSION ACT Employer Less than 500 employees (Department of Labor has authority to issue regulations exempting employers with less than 50 employees...

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Alabama Unemployment Changes – COVID-19

By: Celia Collins Chair of the Employment & Labor Department   The Alabama Department of Labor announced Monday that it has temporarily eased qualifying criteria to allow individuals off work due to COVID issues to immediately receive unemployment benefits. ...

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DHS Proposes Additional Mandatory Bars to Asylum

The Department of Homeland Security has proposed seven new bars to asylum in addition to those already existing (e.g., serious crimes, security threats, terrorism, etc.) under the Immigration and Naturalization Act.  The proposed rule would bar asylum for aliens who...

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Medical Marijuana Update

During the 2019 legislative session, the Alabama Senate passed a bill legalizing medical marijuana in the state. The Alabama House was reluctant to approve the new law without additional research and through compromise a joint proposal was reached establishing a ...

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