Alabama Act #2021-4 (COVID Immunity Statute)

| Press
By: Wade Bo Perry, Jr. Alabama Act #2021-4, approved and effective February 12, 2021, provides qualified civil immunity from certain damages sought by individuals related to Coronavirus exposures during the current Pandemic. The immunity extends to business, educational, and governmental entities, as well as to health care providers and churches, and to the directors, officers,...
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DACA Reinstated and Order Prevents IFR

| Immigration
By Attorney: Rick La Trace USCIS officially announces reinstated DACA. USCIS announced on Monday that, as a result of an order from a federal judge in NY, it is reinstating the DACA program effective Dec. 7. As a result, USCIS is now accepting first-time DACA applications, DACA renewals, applications for advance parole, extending one-year grants...
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