Common Litigation Issues Hospitals Face

The U.S. spent more than $4.1 trillion in healthcare expenditures in 2020. With this much money dedicated to healthcare, it leaves room for a lot of disputes between patients, employees, and insurance companies against healthcare facilities.

Look at some of the most common litigation issues hospitals face.

Employee Disputes

Hospitals, clinics, senior living facilities, and other healthcare facilities have a large number of employees on their staff. This means these facilities need to deal with the normal Human Resource issues that come from hiring and firing, discrimination, and contract disputes. Organizations need to handle these issues while still providing excellent care to their patients.

Billing Issues

With so much money spent by patients on medical treatment and therapy, it results in a lot of bills and a lot of insurance claims. This can result in claims of overcharging and inappropriate billing. Facilities need legal help to make sense of these claims and determine the correct payments due and ensure providers are correctly compensated.

HIPPA Violations

Medical facilities must protect their patients’ privacy. This includes observing patient confidentiality and not disclosing any protected health information. This applies to all information about a patient and their care unless there is a court order to release certain information. If these privacy rights are violated, the patient may file a case against the care facility.

Mistreatment of Patients in Long-Term Care Facilities

Patients who live in long-term facilities, like nursing homes and senior care facilities, require round-the-clock care and attention. This can lead to claims against the facilities if the patient or his or her family feels they have not been properly cared for. These claims can vary, from minor neglect if the patient developed bed sores from not being moved enough, to major claims if the patient falls or is given the wrong medication or treatment. Abuse claims can also be common if a patient is mistreated, or is physically or sexually harmed. These claims require legal expertise to research the case and represent the facility against the charges.

Medical Malpractice

When patients seek care at a medical facility, they are entrusting a doctor, nurse, or other professional to provide accurate treatment. However, medical professionals are human, and they can make errors. This can include failing to get consent before treatment, giving the wrong medication, or even making a mistake in surgery. This can lead to patients falling ill, getting injured, or even dying. A malpractice claim by a patient is serious and needs to be addressed by an experienced lawyer.

Health Care Fraud

Health care fraud cases can be extremely tricky. This refers to claims that a patient – and their insurance company – were billed for treatments that they didn’t receive or prescribed treatments or equipment they knew the patient did not need. When this is caught by a patient or an insurance company, it can result in fraud charges being brought against the healthcare facility.

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