Elder Attorney: Protect Your Rights When You Have Alzheimer’s Disease

Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease can be an emotional and stressful time for you and your family. As you worry about what the future holds, it’s important to take care of legal matters as soon as possible.

An elder attorney can help you plan to protect your rights when you have Alzheimer’s Disease.

Why You Should Be Proactive

When you’re diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, you should start making legal plans as soon as possible. This allows you to be part of the process and express your needs and wants before your symptoms become too severe. Hiring an elder attorney and documenting your wishes not only gives you assurances that your desires will be carried out by your appointed decision-makers. It also takes the pressure off of your loved ones who are tasked with making the decisions on your behalf. Planning also lets you make financial arrangements and secure a long-term care facility of your choice.

It’s essential to meet with a lawyer while you still have the legal capacity to do so. A person with Alzheimer’s Disease can generally make their own decisions and sign their paperwork and documents if they can make rational decisions, and understand the meaning and importance of a legal document. Before a lawyer has you sign a legal document, they will likely discuss the document with you to make sure you fully understand it.

How An Elder Attorney Can Help

An elder attorney can help you with numerous legal issues related to your care. Some of the main issues a lawyer will help with include:

  • Review options for your future health care decisions and long-term care options. This can include health directives, what types of treatment you do and do not want, and what type of care facility you would like to live at if needed. This is your chance to document your medical and care wishes.
  • Name a beneficiary and appoint Power of Attorney to a loved one or family member.
  • Make financial arrangements and plan for how to handle your property and assets. This will help you arrange to pay for your long-term care and will take the pressure off of your family.
  • Determining what coverage you have to help with medical bills, such as health insurance, Medicare, and other benefits you might be eligible for.
  • Sign and update documents. This can include your estate plan, will, and other important documentation that will be needed later.

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