Employees Falling Ill? When To Call a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

When one employee falls ill, you might wonder what caused their illness but not be too alarmed. But, what happens if numerous employees start to get sick?

And, what happens if your workplace, or the job, is causing their illness?

It’s time to call a workers’ compensation attorney to learn about your options and what you can do to protect your company and your employees.

What Illnesses Are Covered By Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation covers illnesses or diseases that are caused by on-the-job exposure. Some common ones can include lung disease from exposure to coal, asbestosis, or mold.

Other common illnesses can include:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Coal workers pneumoconiosis
  • Black lung disease
  • Dermatitis
  • Hearing loss

 What Employees Need to Prove

To file a workers’ compensation claim, your employees will need to prove that the illness they suffered is caused by their work conditions.

They will first need to prove that they are sick. Then they will need to prove there is a link between their illness and their work environment or job requirements. To do this, they will need to show that they had little chance of getting the illness from anywhere outside of work.

They can do this if the condition is rare and it’s easy to prove a connection. For example, if they can prove there is asbestos at their workplace and they now have an illness caused by asbestos, that claim might be approved.

However, what if they have cardiovascular disease? This can be caused by a variety of issues – including their lifestyle, heredity, or numerous other factors. It can be more difficult for them to succeed with a workers’ compensation claim.

The insurance company might then consider the type of work the employees perform. If the work is dangerous or stressful, then developing cardiovascular disease could be directly tied to their job.

The claim might also be affected by how many employees are suffering from the same illness. If there are multiple cases, then it could warrant an investigation into the workplace or work conditions.

When To Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If an employee files a workers’ compensation claim for their illness, and you question its validity, you should contact an attorney. A lawyer can help you determine if the claim is true, and review the employee’s medical records, prognosis, and other documents associated with the claim. While you might want to trust that your employees would only file legit workers’ compensation claims, some could be looking for payouts by filing false claims.

Another reason to hire a workers’ compensation attorney is if multiple employees have filed a claim for similar illnesses. In this case, you need to protect yourself against possible legal issues. You can face litigation if your employees are claiming your workplace is unsafe, or if there are chemicals or other substances present that are making them ill. You could have larger problems than workers’ compensation claims if that is the case, and you need to protect yourself and your company.

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