When to Hire a Corporate Lawyer

Did your business start small with just a few employees, and a handful of problems, but now you’re facing growing pains and need a corporate lawyer?

You might have a bigger staff. You might have contractors working for you. You could have more vendors you’re working with – with additional contracts to negotiate. And you could be facing other risks – like product liabilities, a pending merger, and other issues.

At some point, you must decide if you need to hire a corporate lawyer to help mitigate your problems.

What Does a Corporate Lawyer Do?

A corporate lawyer is essentially a business lawyer. This is an attorney who helps companies with business transactions, including creating contracts, forming companies, merging companies, negotiating contractors, and other items.

This is an essential role to have at your company to ensure your interests are protected in all contracts and mergers, and that you are following the necessary laws when forming a company.

Tasks Corporate Lawyers Perform

Corporate lawyers can perform numerous tasks for your company. In a nutshell, they can help with whatever you need.

Some common tasks can include:

  • Assisting with daily business operations that need a legal review. How often you need this service can depend on your type of business. If you create contracts daily or participate in frequent negotiations, you might need this work regularly.
  • Creating and negotiating contracts. This is necessary when forming partnerships, creating a business, merging a business, or sometimes when hiring employees. Before you sign any agreement, it’s always a good idea to have a lawyer review it.
  • Mitigate business disputes. If you are facing litigation, a corporate lawyer can help handle the dispute and try to help you avoid court through mediation.
  • Draft documentation. If needed, a corporate lawyer can help you prepare documents, procedures, and other forms you need to run your business. They can create these and review them to ensure they adhere to all relevant laws.
  • Ensure compliance. An attorney can keep your company compliant with policies, statutes, and other laws you need to adhere to.
  • Provide advice. When you run into an issue at your company with an employee, partner, vendor, client, or another party, you can benefit from having a corporate lawyer on hand to help you legally resolve the issue and ensure your company’s interests are protected.

While you might not need a corporate lawyer regularly, there are certain situations where you need to hire an attorney. When forming a business, you need the guidance of a corporate attorney to ensure you are taking the right steps, reviewing all agreements before you sign, filing the right documents – and filling them out correctly. You should also hire an attorney if you are merging with a company, acquiring a new business, or forming a partnership. You need to ensure your interests are protected and that the right paperwork is filed to make the agreements legal. You also need an attorney to determine if you have any fiduciary responsibilities with your company.

Another reason to hire a corporate attorney is to protect any intellectual property you might have. Whether it is a product, a product name, designs, written work, or other items you want to be protected.

If you need to hire new employees or independent contractors, you can also consult with an attorney to ensure your employee contracts or up to date, and that you are collecting the right documentation and handling freelancers per all employee laws.

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