Why You Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer

Workers compensation issues can be complicated. When an employee gets injured at work or at the workplace, you might think you have it covered. You filed a report to document the injury. You drove them to the urgent care. You offered to cover their medical bills. You even gave them paid time off of work.

And then you get notice of a lawsuit from the employee’s lawyer. To avoid complicated issues with your staff that could result in expensive claims, hire a lawyer to handle your workers’ compensation claims.

How Workers Compensation Lawyers Can Help

Workers’ compensation lawyers can help businesses with many different situations in regards to keeping their employees and business safe, including the following:

Help you navigate the pending case: When an employee files a workers compensation case against your company, you need an attorney to help you figure out the ins and outs of the pending legal journey. Between filing paperwork, gathering documents, dealing with insurance companies, preparing for hearings, and more, it’s important to have a legal expert on your side.

Use their legal expertise: You need an attorney to provide you with the legal expertise you need to win your case. A lawyer will know how to file motions, how to file briefs, and other key documents.

Collect documents: Your lawyer can help gather paperwork from employees after any incidents that occur at the workplace. They can also ensure you are following key measures to keep your company compliant and to ensure all paperwork is properly collected and filed. This will be helpful in case a lawsuit is filed.

Gather evidence: Workers compensation cases can come down to if a person was injured at work and the extent of their injuries. You may need a lawyer to help gather the employees’ medical records, talk to their physicians, get medical experts to testify in the case, and more.

Perform research: Your workers compensation lawyer can perform research that is essential to helping you win the case against your employee. This can include using experience from past cases and looking into laws that can help.

Represent your company’s interests: A lawyer can represent your business’s interests at hearings, at trial, at depositions, during oral arguments, mediations, and other meetings related to the case.

Know legal updates: Your attorney will know recent developments in laws that might pertain to the case. You don’t have time to spend researching laws and legal updates. Instead, you need a lawyer who can dedicate the time and use their legal expertise to understand recent developments in the laws and be able to determine how they will relate to your case.

Be the go-between with the insurance company: Workers’ compensation claims typically involve insurance companies. Your lawyer will help you work with the insurance company and conduct negotiations with them.

Put a workers’ compensation plan in place: A lawyer can help create a workers’ compensation plan and procedures at your place of work to ensure you are covered in case there is an incident. This will help create processes you can refer back to when there is an injury and will help ensure you are properly insured and prepared for any problems.

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