Why You Need to Update Your Privacy Policy in the New Year

Have you started to receive emails from various companies you work with notifying you that they’ve updated their privacy policy? This can get you thinking, “Do we need to update our company’s privacy policy?”

The answer is it depends. We’ve outlined reasons below why you might need to update your privacy policy. And, if you’re in doubt, it’s always a good idea to consult a business attorney!

What Is a Privacy Policy?

First of all, let’s look at what exactly a privacy policy is. It is a legal statement that explains how your company collects, processes, and handles its customers’ data. This can be through a website or an app.

These are typically very direct, so customers know exactly what information is being used, and how. A privacy policy is needed for any website, blog, app, or desktop app that collects a person’s data.

Some companies might also refer to these as privacy statements or privacy notices.

Why You Should Update Your Privacy Policy

After you create a privacy policy, it is not a one-and-done document. This policy needs to be fluid as circumstances change.

Some situations that could cause you to update your privacy policy are:

  • New laws or regulations: If new laws regarding privacy have been created, or if existing laws have been changed, your privacy policy will need to be altered to address these changes and explain how you will adhere to them.
  •  New products: If your company is providing a new product or a new service, you will need to update your privacy policy to account for these. You might need to add new elements to your policy if the new product requires you to follow new privacy laws. You will also need to notify your customers if a new product will be collecting their data, and how it will be used. 
  • Organizational changes: If your company is merging with another business, or is acquiring a new company, you will need to update your privacy policies to account for any new products or services. If your business is now operating in a new area, you will also need to ensure your privacy policy is accurate for that region and adheres to any new mandates.
  • New data processing: If you are going to start using customers’ data differently, or for different purposes than were previously outlined in your privacy policy, you will need to update your document. You will need to alert customers to the changes, and in some cases, might require approval.
  • Outdated: If you haven’t reviewed your privacy policy in a while and it’s outdated, it can be a good idea to make the necessary updates and share the new policy with your customers. 

To ensure your company’s privacy policy is updated, it’s a good idea to review it at the start of each new year. This helps keep it top of mind and ensures you are current.

You should also consult a business attorney to help create and update your privacy policy to ensure you are not overlooking any laws you need to adhere to, and are including the correct information.

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