Business Transactions an Attorney Can Help With

Do you conclude business transactions without having a business attorney review them first, or try to negotiate terms on your own?

While you might think this is saving you money, it can be costing you by not getting you the best deal or terms for you and your business. In addition, it puts you at risk and opens you up to the possibility of facing a lawsuit or litigation.

Instead, you should hire a business attorney to help with the following types of business transactions:

  1.  Business contracts: Before entering into a contract with a vendor, lessor, lender, or any type of business, it’s essential to have a business attorney’s help. An attorney can review the terms to ensure they are following the law, and to make sure your interests are covered. Without an attorney, you might not know what negotiations you should be making, and what rights you have. This can result in a bad deal for you and your business.
  2. Mergers and acquisitions: There is a lot of required documentation during mergers and acquisitions. You need to ensure all paperwork is completed correctly and all terms have been reviewed by a lawyer before you sign any forms.
  3. Partnership contracts: When you enter into a partnership, you and your partner are likely on good terms and you both have the best of intentions when it comes to honoring the terms you’ve agreed to and doing whatever it takes to make your business succeed. But things can change, and while you might not want to admit it, it’s essential to have both parties’ interests legally covered through a contract. Have a business attorney draw up the contract for your business partners to ensure all terms are outlined and clearly stated so there is no confusion later.
  4. Employee contracts: When you hire a new employee, it’s essential to make sure that person’s contract is accurate, and compliant with all employment laws. It’s essential to have a business attorney review your contracts and help you draft new ones, if needed, to make sure your contracts are legal and that your company’s interests are protected in the event an employee leaves or is terminated.
  5. Intellectual property: When your company creates a product or design that you want to be protected, you need to take the right steps to file intellectual property documents. Without having a legal expert help you with the process, you risk having someone else take your idea, branding, product, or more.
  6. Policies: Your company needs policies that it can hold employees and clients to. To ensure your policies are addressing your issues, and that they are following the law, you need to have a business attorney help you create these policies.

In addition to helping you through these transactions, a business attorney can provide guidance and answer any questions you might have about the pending transaction. Plus, your lawyer will perform diligent research on your pending contracts and negotiations to ensure your interests are protected. And, if you face litigation over a transaction or broken contract, you will have a lawyer on your side who is familiar with your business and your interests.

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