Have You Helped Anyone from My Country?

This is a fairly common question potential clients ask.  It makes sense to want to know whether your attorney has worked on a case like yours before. However, in most cases, the type of case has more to do with the benefit sought than the country of origin of the person seeking it!  Some obvious exceptions exist where country conditions are relevant (e.g., asylum, waiver cases, etc.) or determine benefits available (e.g., TPS, TN visas, E visas, per country visa limitations, etc.), but often, it is not the most critical factor in a case.

Regardless, our Firm has helped individuals from a multitude of countries, and as we add new clients, we often add new countries!  For fun, we’ve worked up a map of the world showing the countries of origin (in red) for our former and current clients.  So, if you’re curious, enjoy!

                                                                                                  As of 9/14/2018
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