How to Legally Resolve Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are something everyone dreads. After a long contract negotiation, you might be relieved to finally sign on the dotted line and move forward. Unfortunately, that might not be the end of it. What happens if the other party doesn’t follow through with their end of the contract and you end up in a contract dispute


Fortunately, there are legal options you can pursue to resolve contract disputes with the help of a business attorney.

How to Resolve Contract Disputes

Review the Contract: If you have contract disputes, the first step is to carefully read the contract. With a business attorney, you will need to review the contract — including all terms, conditions, and obligations outlined within it. In it, you will need to review all provisions related to mediation, arbitration, or litigation. 


Talk to the Other Party: With the advice and guidance of your business attorney, you can initiate communication with the other party. You can try to amicably resolve the dispute while talking it through and negotiating. During the interactions, you should express your concerns and what you hope to achieve. 


Attempt Mediation: If negotiation talks fail, you can then try mediation. For this, you must hire a mediator to facilitate discussions between the two parties to reach a mutually accepted resolution. The goal is to achieve a resolution and avoid litigation. 


Try Arbitration: Before litigation, you can try arbitration if the contract includes an arbitration clause or if both parties agree to pursue it. This involves presenting the dispute to an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators who review the evidence and arguments from both sides and issue a decision that both parties must accept.


Litigation: If all other methods fail, litigation may be necessary. A business attorney experienced in contract law needs to assist and determine if the case needs to go to court, and what steps will need to be taken. An attorney will file a lawsuit with the court and lead you through the legal process. During the proceedings, it’s essential to follow your lawyer’s guidance. You will need to meet all filing deadlines, provide needed documents and submit them correctly, make necessary court appearances, and follow any other court orders or requests of your attorney.


Enforce the Decision: Once a resolution is reached through mediation, arbitration, or litigation, it’s essential to comply with it and ensure the other party follows the decision or agreement as well. If necessary, you may need to take legal action to enforce the terms or seek remedies for non-compliance.


Why You Need an Attorney

When you need to handle a contract dispute, it’s essential to hire a qualified business attorney who is experienced in contract law. A lawyer can provide much-needed guidance and expertise to determine if you have a case, how strong it is, and what chances you have of getting a favorable outcome. An attorney can help you strategize the best way to resolve the dispute and represent you and your interests – even in court if needed. 


Why Hire Us for Contract Disputes

When you have a contract dispute at your business, it’s essential to get help from an experienced business attorney. Let our experts at Johnstone Adams LLC help. They can help you review the contract and its terms, and help you get a favorable outcome.


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