India’s Employment-Based Visa Category Retrogresses

The December 2013 Visa Bulletin was just released, providing updated information on the availability of immigrant visa numbers. The most significant shift present in the December bulletin is the retrogression of the employment-based visa category for Indian nationals from June 15, 2008, to November 15, 2004. The nearly four-year retrogression is reportedly due to a massive increase in applications for immigrant visas resulting from an earlier multiple-year shift forward. As usual, though, Indian immigrants with approved employment-based immigrant petitions may have a long wait in store. Luckily, employment-based immigrants who are in the United States in the H-1B non-immigrant visa category have been legislatively granted indefinite extensions of the normal six-year H-1B limit, provided they meet certain requirements. If you or your employee is the beneficiary of an approved, employment-based immigrant visa petition and is interested in learning more about an H-1B extension, call Johnstone Adams at (251) 432-7682 or toll-free at (866) 732-3267, or visit our Website.

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